is a China-based Electronic products supplier that has been a worldwide business  in design, produce and sell various Electronic Produc for small to large companies and includes many Tier 1 multinational corporations. We already dealed with about 100,000 inquires from customer around the world and found most customers had the same problems in purchasing Electronic Produc. They're:

1.Takes too much time from inquiring price to placing order.

2.The number of Electronic Produc are too many. It's difficult to find the most suited display promply.

3.The user manual is too simple, the demo code and interfacing is unavaible from supplier.

4.No clear image to help them know well before purchase.

5.No accessoires used for display are on sale.

So we designed this web site and wish it could be solutions for the above problems.

Our Service & Highlight

Engineering Capability

newfaird is committed to offering a wide range of and products in the same standard as required by the market to satisfy your requirements. We can not only supply all kinds of standard TN, HTN, STN and FSTN Dot Matrix Electronic Produc and Electronic Produc in SMT, COB and COG type but also custom design and Electronic Produc for specialized applications. We have a highly trained R&D team to provide any expertise necessary and their resourcefulness for you. Our in-house design capabilities will transform your initial idea into the final product within a short time.

1.Injection Molded Plastic Parts

2.Multi-layer PCB Layout Design

3 & Design

4.Metal Casting

5.Software Development

6.Circuit Design

7.Test Equipment Design

8.Product and Component Evaluation

9.Prototype Development

10.Microprocessor Bum-in

11.Electronic and Mechanical CAD Design

Competitive Price

newfaird pays due attention to every details in order to ensure the most competitive price without any sacrifice of the quality, The competitive price here means the lowest price among knew clearly that the quality and the price are both important factors in your business.

 1.We lower our purchasing cost by payment in advance, which is enabled by our fine financial status. This kind of payment terms brings us more recognition and larger discount from our selected material suppliers

 2.We add value to our customers by being a volume purchaser of common components from our current suppliers.

 3.We try to reduce the producing cost through improving the producing efficiency and quality rates by the strictly quality test, the standard employment training, the revolution of technology and the updated of facilities

 4.We also try to lower the cost of management such as the widely exertion of Office Administration

 Excellent Customer Service

newfaird has established effective and unique clients management and service systems based on the accumulated sales experiences. You can obtain an identity code and a corresponding file here. The trading process will be recorded entirely and given due attention. You can track through our salesman which stage your program has gotten into at any time. You can also get a list to check out periodically in case any unnecessary omissions and misunderstanding should occur.

 On-time Delivery

EasRising offer on-time delivery because of

1.Powerful Producing Capability

2.Automatic Equipments

3.Methodic Schedules

4.Efficiency Stock Control

5.Good Cooperation with Worldwide Forwrders

6.Excellent Records in Local Custom