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For discharge products above 3A, the discharge rate should be more than 3C.

Magnification calculation formula: 1C rate , 2000 capacity is equal to 2AH*1=2A working current.
3C rate , 2000 capacity is equal to 2AH*3=6A working current.
In the use of the is hot, that means the rate is not applicable, this situation can not be used for a long time, the will be damaged quickly.
Details Item Specification Unit Remark
Discharge Continuous discharge current 100 A Attention temperature
Instantaneous discharge current 120 A  
Charging Charging voltage Iron lithium charger 12.8V V Switching power supply 15-16V
Charging current 10(MAX) A  
Overcharge protection Overcharge detection voltage 3.75±0.05 V Single core
Overcharge protection delay 1300 MS  
Overcharge release voltage 3.6±0.05 V Single core
Electricity balance balance detection voltage 3.60±0.05 V  
balance release voltage 3.59±0.05 V  
balance current 58 mA  
Overdischarge protection Overdischarge detection voltage 2.1±0.08 V  
Overdischarge detection delay 145 S  
Overdischarge release voltage 2.3±0.1 V  
Overcurrent protection Overcurrent detection voltage 200 mV  
Overcurrent detection delay 20 mS  
Overcurrent protection current 120±10 A  
Overcurrent protection release condition Disconnect load    
Short circuit protection Short circuit protection condition External load short circuit    
Short circuit detection delay 300 uS  
Short circuit protection release condition Disconnect negative    
Temperature protection Temperature protection / Can add external temperature switch
Internal resistance Main circuit conduction internal resistance ≤20  
Self-consumption Working current ≤30 uA  
Sleep current (when the is over-discharged) ≤20 uA  
Operating temperature Temperature range  -20 to +80  
Dimension   70*60*8.5 mm  

Package includes:

1 x Protection Board

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