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Maximum voltage: 16V
Minimum voltage: 5V
Continuous current: 10A
Short circuit maximum current: 20A (less than 10 seconds)
Speed control mode: PWM stepless speed regulation, can also be used to adjust the light
Control mode: speed control potentiometer (clockwise open, continue to rotate clockwise from 1% to 99%)
Duty cycle: 0%-99% (0% position is the leftmost state of the potentiometer).
When the current is on, 0.002A (there is no need to turn off the governor for a long time without current).
Efficiency: The highest efficiency is up to 98%.
Volume: 3cm long (without potentiometer), 2cm wide, 1.4cm high
Weight: 10 grams

Package includes:

10 x PWM DC Motor Governor

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