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6v 200mA Transformer (230V to 6V) [6-0-6]

Good Quality Transformer, power supplies for all kinds of project & circuit boards. Step down 230 V AC to 6V with a maximum of 200mAmp current. Generally known as 6-0-6. 6-0-6 200mA Center Tapped Step Down Transformer is a general purpose chassis mounting mains transformer. Transformer has 230V primary winding and center tapped secondary winding. The transformer has flying colored insulated connecting leads ( Approx 100 mm long ). The Transformer act as step down transformer reducing AC - 230V to AC - 6V.

The Transformer gives outputs of 6V, 6V and 0V. The Transformer's construction is written below with details of Solid Core and Winding

  • Input Voltage       : 230V AC
  • Output Voltage    : 6V x 6V x 0v
  • Output Current    : 200 mA
  • Mounting              : Vertical mount type
  • Soft Iron Core.
  • Size: L : 6.3cm x W : 3.3cms x H: 3.3cms
  • Screw point distance (mounting screw space): 5.5cms
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