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Mini 360 DC-DC Buck Step Down Converter - Continuous voltage supply 


Mini360 DC-DC step down converter is a tiny but efficient module for remote applications. The module uses an integrally molded power inductor and synchronous rectifier control chip. This buck converter accepts any input from 4.75V to 23V and generates an output adjustable from 1V to 17V with the onboard potentiometer. This tiny module is designed for use with RC airplanes, quadcopters, drones, RC cars, Arduino and other microcontrollers, and other DIY electronics needing an ultra-miniature, lightweight step-down voltage regulator.
  • Regulator IC: MPS MP2307 buck regulator IC
  • Input voltage: 4.75V to 23V
  • Output voltage: 1V to 17V (adjustable)
  • Surge current: 3A
  • Rated output current: 1.8A (continuous)
  • Output ripple: 30mV (no-load)
  • Maximum conversion efficiency: 95% (5Vin, 3.3Vout~200mA)
  • Switching frequency:340KHz
  • Load regulation: 0.5%
  • Voltage regulation: 2.5%
  • Built-in thermal shutdown: 160℃
  • Operating temperature: -40℃ to +85℃

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